Helping to keep our customers safe and informed

Following the outbreak and ongoing development of COVID-19, we would like to assure members of the public that the safety and wellbeing of patrons visiting our restaurant is of utmost importance.

We are strictly following guidance issued by the UK Government to ensure we follow all necessary procedures to protect our employees and visitors.

We all have a duty of care to ensure we collectively prevent the spread of the virus and in addition to closely monitoring the situation, we are adapting our plans, policies and procedures to remain vigilant.

As you may be aware, the Government have advised us that restaurants may re-open from Saturday 4 July, subject to certain conditions being met.

We are working extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure there is a fantastic dining experience ready and waiting for you, whilst making sure that we keep you, our team and local communities safe.

There will be some changes to the way we deliver our service, but rest assured, your experience will not be compromised and you can still expect the same great food, delivered by our conscientious team.

We may not be the only place you consider visiting once restrictions allow, but we want you to know that we are working with a number of partners to be sure that your visit to 1539 is a pleasurable and safe experience.

We will be running two special events as part of our re-opening strategy to gauge interest on the weekend of the 4 & 5 July and we are currently analysing the results of a recent customer survey in which we asked our customers for their feedback on re-opening post lockdown.


To help answer any questions we have put together a list of FAQs, but we’re more than happy to address any other concerns you might have over the phone, via our contact form online or via email.

Q: What steps have you taken to ensure customer and staff safety?

A: As part of our re-opening plan, we have spaced all of our inside tables by a minimum of 2 metres. We have installed hand sanitising stations at the entrance to the pub and outside all of our toilet facilities. There are also Perspex sneeze screens in areas where we cannot ensure the correct distancing.

Q: Can I just turn up or do I have to make a booking?

A: So as to allow us to maintain social distancing, it will be bookings only. We hope to be able to relax this once we have gauged our customer needs.

Q: What about sanitising surfaces and touch points in the building?

A: All tables will be sanitised after each guest has finished dining. All door handles and frequently touched areas will be sanitised every hour.

Q: What about PPE for your staff?

A: We are adhering to specific government advice which confirms face coverings are only suggested where social distancing isn’t feasible. Rather than wearing gloves which can lead to poor hygiene controls, our teams will follow a more robust process of hand washing on a regular basis.

Q: Do you check your teams’ temperatures before starting work, to ensure they are not asymptomatic or spreading the virus to your customers?

A: While government guidance is that temperature checking is not mandatory, we will be conducting daily and weekly health checks with our team members.

Q: What about toilet facilities?

A: We have put in place a ‘Lock and light’ system. Each of our three toilets will now allow only one person or family in at a time. You will lock the door behind you, press a button which displays a red or green light outside the toilet lobby.

Q: Is the menu the same as before?

A: So as to enable social distancing, we have had to reduce our menu slightly. All of our crowd pleasers are still there, the rest will return as and when the government guidelines are relaxed.

Q: Will you be serving the same menu outside?

A: We are opening our rooftop space and will be serving food from our Roof Terrace Bowl Food and Platter Menu

Q: Will you be accepting cash?A: As we have all been experiencing in the last few months, contactless payment is now the preferred option.